Grazia Gamberini

Psychotherapist and music therapist





She works at Psycho Rehabilitative Centre. Born in Carpi on 20th October 1974 she attended the music institute "A. Tonelli" in Carpi.
Thanks to her pianoforte and composition studies with Mr Giuseppe Cali and her passion for choir composition which started in her early singing experience with Ms Orestina Gibertoni, she directed St Joseph’s Choir in Carpi for nine years. After meeting Pastor Nehemiah H.Brown ( from Virginia USA and founder of the Florence Gospel School) she gradually approached Gospel music.
During the spring of 2008 together with Gospel Soul and under the guidance of Navid Mirzadeh , an expert in vocal techniques and singing, she began the Functional method learning course of G.Rohmert. The aim of the course was to optimize performances through the analysis and development of the profound structures of the human voice.


Since March 2008 Grazia Gamberini has directed the Gospel Soul  choir association as requested by the committee board. Since 2009 she has also directed Gospel Soul Junior, the young soul of the association, a choir made up of children between the ages of 5 and 17. Grazia creates “custom made” arrangements of songs in the repertoire and composes  both the music and lyrics to new, original songs.


From 2010 to 2015 A.E.R.C.O. provincial representative for the province of Modena. Currently vice-provincial delegate.