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The association Gospel Soul is the sole creator and producer of the show "Heartquake: vite che cambiano."

The musical is about the earthquake that struck Emilia on several occasions from 20 May 2012. The story is seen through the eyes of the citizens of Emilia and how their everyday life was suddenly turned upside down.
"Heart-quake", a play on words contained in the title, epitomizes the spirit of the show: it has given voice to the "shock of the heart" that  changed our lives. Intense, thrilling performances, with live music, where prose is mixed with singing and dancing, to express how from  a tragedy we can  all rise up together.

The cast includes the participation of professionals including: Academy Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre of Milan, Fabrizio Voghera, Cristina Montanari, Greta Bortolotti, Lolli Elisa, Will W. Roberson, and many others.

Heartquake Ever changing Lives debuted on 12 and 13 April 2013 at the Teatro Asioli Correggio (Re) with two sold out nights and gaining a positive  response from the audience. It gave repeat performances on May 11, 2013 at the Teatro Puccini Florence,and again on 4 and 5 April 2014 at the Teatro Comunale di Carpi.


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La Buona Vecchia Strada
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In 2011 a theatrical show was born called “The Good Old Way”. The theme of the musical was based on human rights, an idea that came about by Barbara Malta and Grazia Gamberini. In compliance with the Universal declaration of Human rights of 1948, eight particularly significant human rights were chosen to be represented through the intertwining of video, dance, singing and monologues with a clear reference to world current events. Besides the Gospel Soul choir, on stage there was the presence of 100 artists, among them Will Weldon Roberson, a choreographer, dancer and singer, having performed in famous musicals like “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


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